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CATS Support

Need help with CATS? (note: not in the feline sense of the word, please. For that, call a vet). But if you need assistance with the CA Time Study system, based on the nature of your question, you can contact our friendly staff at one of the following:

Technical questions: Help Desk

Help DeskBrowser issues? Forgot a password and the automated password request doesn't have your e-mail on file? Trouble logging in? Our Help Desk specializes in just such issues.

Toll-Free: (877) 456-8777

Monday-Friday 5 a.m. - 3 p.m. PT

Program questions: Account Managers

Account ManagerConfused about which code to use when entering your time? Need help determining if a narrative is worded appropriately? Your Account Manager is available to help! Please select the appropriate Account Manager based on your region of the state (click name to send an e-mail):



Account Manager Region Phone
Patti McIntyre
Director of CA Services
Southern California (909) 486-0366
Ron Angel Northern California/ Central Valley (916) 834-1195
Sharon Fregoso Southern California (909) 213-3298
Rita Mamarian San Francisco Bay Area/ San Jose (408) 724-1638
Crystal Weeks San Francisco Bay Area/ San Jose (831) 210-1682
Miguel Valencia Jr. Southern CA (951) 870-5622
Bill Fricker Southern CA (951) 756-5293