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CAMRA data preloading

Schools may either setup CAMRA data manually through the screens available or submit data files for import.

As student files are most commonly submitted for preloading, we have developed a validator program to verify that your student files meet the layout format. Files submitted for import must meet the layout format as defined in the CAMRA Data Preloading Guide (PDF file), which also includes instructions on using the validator program. Files that do not meet the layout format cannot be loaded, and schools may either fix the data files or manually load data through CAMRA's maintenance screens.

Click button to download the Student Data Validator: System requirements for the Student Data Validator:


Filename: CAMRA_Student_Validator.msi
Size: 653KB

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000 with SP3; Windows XP with SP2; Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later: If you need to install the .NET Framework 2.0, you can get it through Windows Update or by clicking here.
  • 500KB of disk space (in addition to the space requirements of the .NET Framework)